Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Dark Defiance

The Dark Defiance is live on Amazon. I’ve spent the last week knee deep in the next story and I’ve just realized that I haven’t really done anything to let folks know that the sequel to The Black Ships is now up and selling (and selling rather nicely, considering the complete lack of marketing on my part). Frankly, I avoid twitter like the plague lately. Every time I open it, I’m bombarded with book spam and direct messages with links to virus sites. Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s a hot place to market books, which means it’s probably too late to get in the game. 'Conventional wisdom' seems to be a clever euphemism for ‘obsolete concept’.
So here’s my marketing plan – spend all day writing and stay off the social media.
But I digress. Here’s the blurb:
A Black Ships Novel - Third in the series
In the decade following Earth’s narrow victory over the Dactari invasion attempt, Humans have reverse engineered much of their enemy’s technology. From captured data, they learn that the Dactari Republic is merely the successor to a much larger empire; one that died out long before Humans mastered the secrets of iron.
Many worlds of the old empire have been left untouched by the republic, and a race begins as the factions of Earth struggle for trade dominance with the independent planets.
The crew members of the Völund have each left Earth for their own reasons. They quickly find themselves embroiled in intrigue, conflict and outright war as their path, paved with good intentions, leads them straight to a hell of their own making.
They must follow their path to the very end to learn the ultimate fate of mankind.
(Approx. 90,000 words)